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Data and Facts

The Katholische Hauptschule Husen is located at the norht-eastern border of Dortmund between the suburbs Husen and Kurl.

Around 280 pupils in 14 classes visit our school and are taught by 22 teachers in basic subjects, but also in social topics and job-relevant skills.

Why we are special

Our goal is to not only teach basic subjects like languages or math. Learning for life, forming personalities, preparing for a future occupation and giving chances is what our teachers aim for.

Therefore, the contents of the curriculum are no strict borders, but only a basis of what we want to teach.

We prepare our pupils for a future occupation by giving them chances, getting them in contact with possible employers and help them to explore and develop their personal skills.

We help our pupils to generate new skills, to get involved in social and political life and form own opinions through knowledge and skills regarding actual topics and discussions.

We foster their awareness for social conflicts and develop their values by being a role model through our social commitment. Through many projects like a Social Seminar, a fairtrade school firm or a partnership with a school in Kenia, we provide scales of value and encourage action as well as awareness and commitment.

But we do not only care about social commitment – also sustainability and environmental protection are important goals and part of our school activities. We encourage our pupils to reconsider their behaviour and habits, to work with us on renaturation and environmental projects and to understand how important wildlife protection and a clean environment are.

Also, open-mindedness and interculturality are important to us. We, for example, enable communication between pupils from different countries and cultures by eschanges.


In the year 2015, a welcoming class mostly for refugees was installed, which provides special supervision and support to allow for a durable integration. By now, two welcoming classes have been installed.

Our school emblem is the coloured windmill. It stands for the following values resp. mottos:

Motion through a Fresh Breeze

Energy for a Better Future 

Working Together


Unsere Schule ist eine katholische Angebotsschule für ganz Dortmund. Sie schließt mit den Sorgeberechtigten der Schüler und mit den Schülern selbst einen Schulvertrag ab.